Community Resource Center for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc. (CRC) was founded in 1976 in a direct response to a Request for Services to move some of the 5,400 people with developmental disabilities out of the Willowbrook State School on Staten Island.

Sr. Barbara Eirich was CRC’s founder and Executive Director from 1976 to 1999. She was a registered nurse and certified social worker who went to the back wards and took some of the youngest and most medically challenging people out of Willowbrook and started one of the first community based Intermediate Care Facilities for people with developmental disabilities.

A special group of people were moved from the Willowbrook State School to Gouvernuer Hospital and the reason they were moved there was because their life expectancy due to serious and chronic medical conditions was only 5 to 10 years post discharge from Willowbrook. 

In the 1980’s Sr. Barbara accepted some of those individuals as well and moved them into the community. Thirty-three years later, many of those people are still alive, well and thriving.

Community Resource Center has always been about giving a voice to those who have none and giving a better life to those others have written off.

In the 1980’s CRC assumed the operation of a home for 11 individuals with autism and added a second program for men and women with autism. CRC added a home in Yonkers for 11 individuals who are today some of the oldest people we serve.

Today CRC serves 72 people in nine distinct settings.

The agency has adopted the Council on Quality Leaderships Personal Outcome Measures and services streamlined and adapted to each individuals wants, needs and dreams.

As the industry moves to managed care the agency hopes to expand services and increase the number of individuals served.