Our Mission

Community Resource Center for the Developmentally Disabled (CRC) is committed to enable and support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in their efforts to live and participate in the community as a natural right, in order to provide them the opportunities of inclusion, individualization, independence and productivity.

CRC is a not-for-profit community based organization which exists to establish, maintain and operate  Intermediate Care Facilities, Individual Residential Alternatives, and to provide programs of care, service, habilitation, rehabilitation, and social/recreational activities geared to the functional capacity and developmental needs of each consumer in our care, so that they may be helped to experience living independently, making meaningful choices, enjoy personal relationships, communicate freely and receive effective services.



Community Resource Center is grounded in the philosophy that every person, regardless of his/her handicap or developmental level, should be treated with respect for the dignity inherent for each person. In light of this, we believe every person should be given the opportunity to achieve his/her functional, social and intellectual potential through appropriate individualized programming; to live in a home; to live in an atmosphere of warmth, understanding, and security which upholds the rights of each individual and provides developmental opportunities on an individual and group basis. They should be provided the opportunity to experience inclusion in the community, be treated as unique individuals given a sense of independence and self reliance, and allowed to be productive, creating a sense of a meaningful life.

We therefore affirm and emphasize the right of individuals with developmental disabilities to secure a home and the highest level of treatment, rehabilitation and services, experience living as independently as their capacity allows, make meaningful choices, enjoy personal relationships, communicate freely and receive effective supports.

CRC's programs and services are available to all, regardless of race, religion, national origin, creed, ethnic background, developmental disability or other handicap. The underlying commitment is to the worth and value of the individual.

The agency provides direct care to individuals with developmental disabilities and assertively meets the individual's service needs by identifying and utilizing appropriate community resources.

All services of the agency are provided with the approval of the State of New York and are integrated into the NYS comprehensive program for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

All policies and procedures are available for review by consumers, staff, parents and consumer representatives.