Mission & Philosophy


Our Philosophy

All individuals have value and deserve respect, care, and the opportunity to realize their full potential.   This philosophy drives all of CRC's work. By providing individualized programming, supportive housing, inclusive communities and direct services, we:

  • gear all programs, treatment and rehabilitation services towards individuals' unique abilities and needs, so that they can confidently strive to achieve their full functional, social and intellectual potential;
  • ensure every individual a home that offers safety and warmth, compassion and encouragement;
  • recognize and honor every individual's right to inclusion as well as privacy, support and self-reliance; and,
  • promote independent living as capacity allows, community, and dignity.

Our Approach

Using the personal outcome measures, "My Self, My World, and My Dreams," we help individuals explore all they can attain individually, in relationships and their communities. Within this framework, we provide appropriately supervised activities, interventions, and therapies designed to maximally reduce functional or behavioral deficits associated with intellectual or developmental disability, or concurrent medical conditions.  Families play an integral part in this process with loved ones' consent.

Equal opportunity for all

CRC extends its programs and services to all individuals, regardless of race, religion, national origin, creed, ethnic background, functional or developmental disability.  The agency provides all services with the approval of New York State, which has integrated them into its comprehensive program for individuals with developmental disabilities.  The public, including consumers, staff, parents and consumer representatives, may review all policies and procedures.