A Day in the Life of CRC

Defying expectations

One major misconception about people with intellectual disabilities is that they cannot learn, work or make decisions on their own.  CRC refutes this misconception by providing individuals with the support they need to realize their hopes and dreams.  We strive to help individuals live productive lives in a community that accepts and treats them as equals.


"My son Jermaine has been with CRC for 20 years. The transition has been easier for him than for me. The road has not been easy but definitely necessary. Mr. Meade has always been understanding of my questions and concerns which I am forever grateful. Prior to my son entering CRC, I had a great concern about his ability to function in the world considering his disability.  I did the best I could but knew there had to be more for him. CRC has taught him how to live a life and not fit into the world’s idea of normalcy. With the support of Mr. Meade and his staff, I was given the strength and knowledge to become a great advocate for my son and others." - Ella B., Parent

CRCDD consistently does an outstanding job providing a lovely living environment for Cathy and all the consumers. - Peter S.

I am more than grateful for the care given to my sister Mary.  Through all the challenges, staff has been there supporting Mary.  Consumer-centered and kindness are words that come to mind. - Ann D.

I always enjoy myself with staff and residence and home is always clean.  All the staff are always so polite.  Thank you for taking care of my brother.” - Josephine T.

I am very pleased with the staff at CRCDD.  I know that Tyrone wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  When I call Tyrone he is happy and laughing most of the time, especially if Frank is there.  Thank you for keeping my son safe.  God Bless You All.”  - Victoria A.

Keep doing what you’re doing for my son.  Great Job.”  - Thelma T.